Private and group trips to Chernobyl and Pripyat

Incredible guided tour


Try an exciting trip to abandoned territories in Ukraine – Chernobyl and Pripyat. Depending on your wish, you can book a private Chernobyl trip for yourself or your friends for 1 or few days (max 5) with overnight stay in Chernobyl. Group tours are available for 1 or 2-days (dates are determined beforehand).
For your Chernobyl visit we provide comfortable transport, meals, excursions, health insurance and services of English-speaking guide.
In case of the overnight stay during your Pripyat tour (few-days Chernobyl tour), we will organize the accommodation for you in a hotel in Chernobyl (paid separately).



Private Chernobyl tours can be organized any preferable date! 

You can make a trip to Chernobyl on any suitable date. Attention! You should book a tour at least 3 working days in advance!
To get dates of the group tours please contact our manager via e-mail or phone.


Is it safe to tour Chernobyl

Undoubtedly! Your trip will be absolutely safe. You just should listen to guide’s instructions and do not leave the specified route.


Every our Chernobyl trip is legal and confirmed by the special state organization of the Administration of the Chernobyl Zone. 

Prices for the private Chernobyl trip


1 day – $ 150

2 days – $ 200

3 days – $ 250

4 days – $ 300

5 days – $ 350

Prices matched per person.


The price depends on the number of people in a group. Thus, the
bigger group is, the lower price is! The price includes a pick-up for our guests from the hotel/apartment in Kyiv, transportation from Kyiv to the Zone and back, services of English-speaking guide, health insurance and meals. Our manager meets you in the lobby at 9 AM at the day of the tour.
The price for the group tour is $ 150 per person.

The program of a trip

The tour includes visiting such places as:
  • Chernobyl Reactor No. 4
  • Secret Military Base Radar «DUGA»
  • Wormwood Star memorial
  • St Ilya church
  • To Those who Saved the World memorial
  • Red Forest
  • Kopachi village
  • Paryshiv village
During your private Chernobyl visit you will make a sightseeing
Chernobyl tour, which includes visiting such places as Wormwood Star memorial, St Ilya church, To Those who Saved the World memorial; you will see robots and vehicles used in the late 80es. Then the driver will make the stop at almost fully buried Kopachi village, where you will have the opportunity to inspect the abandoned kindergarten. During the stop near
the Red Forest the guide will allow you to measure gamma-radiation.
Then you will visit to the most famous point of the Chernobyl tour —Reactor No. 4. You will see it at a distance of 300 meters.
The individual Chernobyl tourism also includes the Pripyat tour.
It is an evacuated city in the middle of the Zone. The guide will show you Lenin square with palace of culture, hotel, supermarket; famous ferris wheel, stadium, school, swimming pool, hospital, etc.

The exclusiveness of our Chernobyl tours lies in visiting the Secret Military Base Radar «DUGA», which was restricted for visiting for more than 30 years! Only with our trip-to-chernobyl.com company you can also visit the legendary and mysterious Chernobyl-2 and have a close look at a masterpiece of a constructive idea, feel the spirit of the past epoch of “the cold war”. Officially “Chernobyl-2” is called the long-haul radio center. Chernobyl-2 is a “shadow” of a small and calm Chernobyl city.

In case of booking a few-days Chernobyl trip, we propose you to make a visit to Paryshiv village. This place is unique, because old people, who came back to their homes after the Chernobyl disaster, live here. You will have chance to communicate with them and feel all the tragedy of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

And that’s not all the places that you will be amazed, during an exclusive private tour to Chernobyl!